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NoSQL Manager for MongoDB Desktop tool for Mongo database management, administration and development

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NoSQL Manager - certified MongoDB UI tool with Shell

Our MongoDB tool unites user friendly interface and Shell power.
Intuitive interface and high performance of the desktop application save time for beginners and professional database developers and administrators.
Full support of all the MongoDB, MongoDB Enterprise, MongoDB on Azure Cosmos DB and Amazon DocumentDB makes your work hassle free.


  • Full support for MongoDB and MongoDB Enterprise versions from 2.2 to 4.4
  • Certified on MongoDB Enterprise. Supports Kerberos, LDAP and MONGODB-X509 authentications
  • Fully functional MongoDB UI Shell with code autocompletion, syntax highlighting and hints
  • Fully compatible with Amazon DocumentDB and MongoDB on Azure Cosmos DB
  • Support of replica sets, standalone hosts and sharded clusters connections
  • Easy-to-use document viewer and editor with Tree, Table and JSON view modes
  • Simple view and management of all MongoDB objects: databases, collections, views, indices, users, roles and functions
  • SSH tunneling for MongoDB connections
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Import tables from MySQL and SQL Server databases
  • Export documents to CSV, XML, JSON and XLSX file formats
  • Import documents from JSON and CSV files
  • LINQ Query Tool
Full list of features

Fully functional intelligent GUI Shell

You can use all commands of MongoDB Shell in our tool as easy as it can be!

You can edit results of the db.collection.find() commands.

Autocompletion allows to autocomplete the collection names and methods in MongoDB and Shell commands. As text is typed into the Shell, the context of the cursor within the command provides an indication of whether the user needs a collection completion or a method completion. The collection completion provides a list of collection available in the current database.

You can use Tree, Table or JSON mode to view the commands results.

Easy-to-use document viewer

Easy document navigation, view and editing, limits to maximize performance, GUI editors for all MongoDB data types.

Ability to filter and order documents.

Tree, Table or JSON document representation.

Simple view and management of all MongoDB objects

Create and drop databases, manage collections and their indices, manage users, roles and functions, store and retrieve files using GridFS.

Copy databases, duplicate collections and indices.

Performance Monitoring Tools

Monitoring is an important part of MongoDB database administration. Performance Monitor allows you to observe state of your databases, diagnose problems before they escalate to failures.

Performance Monitor collects and displays the following database metrics:

  • Read and write operations
  • Connections with read and write operations in progress or queued
  • Queued read and write requests
  • Number of client connections
  • Memory and network usage
  • Number of page faults

Reasons to buy:

  • Any license gives you the professional features.
  • Any license allows you to work with MongoDB Enterprise including Kerberos and LDAP authentication.
  • From 1 to 3 years of FREE software upgrades including minor and major releases.
  • Any license is perpetual, you can use your purchased copy as long as you need, but you can’t get any software upgrades when your maintenance period is expired.
  • Priority support by email (usually we process requests from registered users within 12 hours).
  • Communications for the purpose of consultation on operational aspects of the software.
  • Money Back Guarantee*


$ 98
  • Pro Features
  • 1 User
  • 1 Year of Maintenance
  • Email Support


$ 1225
  • Pro Features
  • Unlimited Users
  • 1 Year of Maintenance
  • Priority Support