Connecting to MongoDB Atlas cluster from NoSQL Manager for MongoDB

MongoDB Atlas is a cloud-hosted MongoDB databases service built and run by the team behind MongoDB.
Here's a step by step guide on how to establish connection to MongoDB Atlas cluster in NoSQL Manager for MongoDB.

1. Configuring MongoDB Atlas

By default, MongoDB Atlas cluster in not available for direct connections outside the cloud.
However, you can configure which IP addresses can access your cluster using cloud web-interface.

Login to MongoDB Atlas usign your account and click Network Access on the left panel.
Atlas network access

Next click Add IP address button.
In the next window click Add current IP address and click Confirm. Add current IP

Now you can connect to your cluster from your local computer.
IP whitelist

2. Discover the cluster connection parameters

Next, you need to find out your MongoDB cluster connection parameters and use it in NoSQL Manager for MongoDB.

Click Clusters on the left panel.
Atlas clusters

Find your cluster and click Connect.
Click Connect Your Application on the next dialog.
Atlas connection method

Copy the connection string to Clipboard using Copy button.
Atlas copy connection string

3. Create connection in NoSQL Manager for MongoDB

Finally, you should create a connection for your cluster in NoSQL Manager for MongoDB.

Open NoSQL Manager for MongoDB and click New MongoDB Connection... button on toolbar.
Create new connection

Click Import connection string on the New MongoDB Connection dialog.
Atlas import connection string

Your connection string should be inserted automatically into the Import Connection string dialog. If not, please paste or type it manually. Don't forget to replace <password> with the correct user passoword. Click OK.
Atlas paste connection string

Now your MongoDB Atlas cluster connection is ready.
You can test it with Test Connection button.
Click OK to save the connection.
Atlas connection

NoSQL Manager for MongoDB is ready to work with your cluster.
Connection ready