NoSQL Manager for Cassandra

Desktop client for Cassandra database management, control and development.

It provides reach GUI tools for everyone who uses Cassandra including beginners and professional database developers and DBAs.

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  • Support for Cassandra versions from 1.2 to 3.9
  • Support for DataStax Enterprise (DSE) versions from 4.0 to 6.0
  • Support for ScyllaDB 2.0
  • Powerful CQL Editor tool with multiple queries, syntax highlighting, autocompletion and code snippets.
  • View and edit any data stored in Cassandra databases
  • SSH tunneling for Cassandra connections
  • Multiple host and database connections
  • Database Explorer for easy management of all Cassandra objects
  • Simple management of Cassandra keyspaces, tables, indices, users, user-defined types, triggers, user defined functions, aggregate functions and materialized views
  • Export data to CSV, XML, JSON and XLSX file formats
  • Import tables from MySQL and SQL Server databases

Powerful CQL Editor

Multiple CQL editor pages with syntax highlighting. Autocompletion allows to autocomplete object names, methods and column names.

Code snippets SELECT for UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT statements.

CQL Editor saves all opened pages during closing and restores them automatically in a next session.

CQL commands are executed in a background and don’t freeze GUI. You can cancel command execution any time.

You can use Table and Card mode to view results.

CQL Editor GUI

Table data viewer and editor

Easy data navigation and view.

Using limits to maximize performance.

Loading data in a background.

Support of all Cassandra 3 data types

You can use Table and Card mode to view and edit data.

Export data to most popular file formats.

Cassandra Data Editor

Multiple Cassandra host and database connections

Register and specify individual connection settings for each Cassandra host.

Connect to as many hosts and databases as you need.

Secure your connections with SSL and SSH tunnelling.

Cassandra Database Explorer