DB Explorer - Working with folders

Previously DB Explorer could contain only servers and database objects. But in the version 7 we have added special element - Folder. Folders can be useful if you have a pile of servers and want to group them by some criteria. Another big advantage of Folders - you can change common parameters of all servers in the group simultaneously.
DB Exporer Folders

Working with Folders

1. Adding new Folder

To add a new folder just click New Folder button on the Toolbar or in popup menu. Add new Folder

2. Moving servers between folders

In DB Explorer click right mouse button on the server (or selected servers) you wish to move to a folder, click Move Connection to Folder in popup menu, next click folder you want to place server in.
Move server to Folder

3. Editing common properties of all servers in the folder

In case if all servers in a folder have identical properties except host names and ports, you can edit all such servers simultaneously. In DB Explorer click right mouse button on the folder you wish to edit servers in, click Edit all Connections in Folder in popup menu.
Edit all Connections in Folder

In the Edit Selected Connections dialog you can change any available property. All available propertes will be applied to each connection in the folder in spite of property was changed or wasn't. All disabled properties are ignored and will not be changed.
Edit Selected Connections