NoSQL Manager for Cassandra 5.0 release notes

We are pleased to announce NoSQL Manager for Cassandra 5.0.

In this release we have implemented several useful tools for data and structure manipulation.
You can find all the changes in the article below.

1. Import Data from File tool.

Now you can import data from CSV, JSON and Excel files using the new tool with user-friendly interface.
Import CSV File

2. Copy Keyspaces tool.

With new Copy Keyspaces tool you can copy one or more keyspaces between different Cassandra hosts.
Copy Keyspaces Tool

3. New Export Data tool.

Brand new Export Data to File tool allows to export data from several tables at once. The exporting process doesn't block any other tools.
Export Data Tool

4. Duplicate Table tool.

The Duplicate Table tool allows to copy a table (structure, indices and data) to the same or to a different host and keyspace.
Duplicate Table Tool

5. CQL Dump now considers objects dependencies while saving DDL statements to a CQL file.

6. Unknown strategy class 'com.amazonaws.cassandra.DefaultReplication' error fixed.