NoSQL Manager for MongoDB 4.8 release notes

  1. Data Editor: ‘Order by Element’ and ‘Filter by Element’ menu items added.
    This feature allows to filter and to order your documents in one click.
  2. Data Editor: ‘Paste Documents from Clipboard’ menu item added.
    Clipboard text should be in JSON format. Pasting of one or several documents is supported.
  3. LINQ Query: Now you can specify several .Net class libraries.
  4. Shell: ‘Do not output command details for multi-command scripts’ option added.
    To change this option click Main menu|Options|Shell|Do not output command details for multi-command scripts.
    Shell outputs some information messages for each command if this option is OFF:

    Turn it ON if you wish to suppress information messages in Shell output.
    Shell outputs just commands result if this option is ON:
  5. Some minor fixes and improvements.