NoSQL Manager for MongoDB 3.9 release notes

  1. Index Editor now supports partial filter expressions (partialFilterExpression property).
  2. Now you can view index properties in Collection Editor.
  3. New Collection Dialog and Collection Editor support document validators (validator property) now.
  4. Test Connection Dialog shows detailed connection log now.
  5. Added support of TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 protocols for SSL connections.
  6. New commands added to Shell Editor context menu: Find (Ctrl+F), Find and Replace (Ctrl+H), Go To (Ctrl+G), Format Selected JSON (Ctrl+Shift+F), Make Uppercase (Ctrl+Shift+U), Make Lowercase (Ctrl+Shift+L), Comment\Uncomment Selection (Ctrl+Shift+C), Increase Line Indent, Decrease Line Indent.
  7. Added ‘Use F5 key to execute selected statement’ Shell option.
    You can use F5 key instead of F9 key to execute selected statements when this option is checked.
  8. Now you specify font for Shell Editor.
  9. MongoDB Connection Properties Dialog: Now you can copy connection properties from any other regestered connection.