NoSQL Manager for MongoDB 3.5 release notes

  1. Now you can get Shell commands for many actons like create and update collections and users.
    It is a great help to any beginner who want to learn the MongoDB Shell scripts.
  2. Added ‘Generate Command’ command to DB Explorer context menu. That allows to get commonly used Shell commands for selected database item.
  3. Added ‘Fields display order’ option. That allows to set fields order in Tree View and Table View.
    Unsorted, Sort by name, Sort by Projection and Name orders are available.
  4. Ctrl+Tab keys combination now calls Active Windows list and allows toggling between most recently used tabs instead of circular.
  5. Export Data Wizard: added ability of data export to XLSX (MS Excel 2007) files.
  6. Export Data Wizard: added ability to specify TAB character as fields delimiter for CSV files.
  7. Binary Value Editor is significantly improved. Now you can set Binary Type, view and edit data in Base64 format, load and save data from file, generate UUID.
  8. Now you can rename collections from DB Explorer context menu or with Collection Editor.
  9. DB Explorer now shows $external system database.
  10. Text editors in Shell, Data Filter and Map-Reduce Editor now allow to use Input Method Editors (IMEs) to enter complex characters in different East Asian languages like Japanese and Korean.
  11. Added ‘Show passwords’ option.
  12. Now TAB key works as the auto-complete key in Shell.
  13. Fixed ‘MSVCR120.dll missing’ error that occured in Shell on MS Windows 2008 operating system.
  14. Fixed ‘unknown option ssl’ issue occured in Shell during connections to MongoDB servers 2.6 and earlier.