iarLITEbos Volume Billing Solution

Our iarLITEbos is a high performance billing system designed for integration with Core Banking, Transport, & Telecoms systems. The solution can process high volume transaction data in order to enable accurate & efficient calculation of service usage.

General overview

iarLITEbos – an automated, flexible, and reliable system, which extends traditional or existing volume billing solutions with additional requirements in the following domains: accounting, charging, analysis, and reconciliation of all clients’ service usage accurately and efficiently. The system is designed to address revenue and settlement with various back end core systems. iarLITEbos’s seamless integration with Core Banking Systems, AMLs, CDR Mediation, TMUs & other back-end systems.
We offer custom functionality in areas as diverse as Banking & Insurance, Transport System Management & Telecom Operations as well as data interaction with them. iarLITEbos system has a strong and high-tech mechanism for processing high volume data/information and its modular design allows scaling the solution to fit different industry requirements based on the business needs. Our Flexible Reporting capability streamlines settlement and revenue progress, which helps operators/clients to effectively use and identify potential areas to receive optimized cost calculation.

Functioning of the system

iarLITEbos is designed to charge traffic and services based on their volume and other parameters required to address business needs in a diverse range of industries. Progress monitoring & reporting allows to verify both own and partners’ bills based on a processed transaction type. The system can accommodate traffic & service settlement based upon usage, time validity, zonal movement & lateral integrated obligations.

Key Features

Business transactions collection and processing

  • Collect business transaction events from different source edge systems, supporting different methods and interfaces including but not limited to RDBMS, flat or binary files.
  • Control and ensure data integrity, completeness and accuracy.

Charging and discounts

  • Flexible rates configuration for all types of traffic-based services.
  • Version control.
  • Contract Amortization.
  • Volume-based Pricing.
  • Location/Zonal-based charges.
  • Delay Penalties.
  • Flexible time/evolved costing ratios.
  • Variable Delay-time ratings.
  • Time Zone Cost Adjustments.
  • iarLITEbos is optimized to support large volume of traffic or services.

Auxiliary Features

  • Progress notification of the process traffic/information (e.g. email).
  • Identification and notification of data inconsistency and missing configuration settings.
  • Control quality and compliance metrics.


  • Easy to integrate with the existing environment of a Providers collection & mediation systems or direct connection to databases.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Cognizant, Capgemeni, SCBS, & TranSys.
  • Supports leading anti-fraud solutions & KYC processes.


  • Account and charging of any service traffic, supporting different data formats.
  • Flexible configuration for charging and usage-based discounts.
  • Automatic reconciliation.
  • Scalability.
  • Multi-operator/partner support.
  • Zero Delay time Service Usage/Traffic/MetaData processing.
  • Cloud or on premise options available.